Friends Only A Text Away Analysis

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Does Technology Allow Relationships to Thrive?
Sitting at the dinner table with my family, all that is heard is the clinking of utensils against our plates, some obnoxious chewing coming from my younger brother, and the beeps and rings of multiple phones. More texting, tweeting, instagraming, and the use of technology occurs at the dinner table than actual conversation. My family went from asking about each other’s days and asking how school and work are going to not even looking up from their phones. These two articles really opened my eyes and made me aware of how technology has taken over our everyday lives, and effected our communication skills in a negative way. I see now how so many people hide behind technology to avoid social confrontations/ situations, and to get away from reality. Technology is a very big part of everyday life, but why are we abusing it so much and letting it affect us? It’s our
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She supports this claim by talking about how technology and social media give us the ability to keep in touch with those far from us, but it also lets us create distance between us and those close to us. Then, she explains how technology has provided much more modern and efficient ways for communication. Huska’s purpose is to bring to light how technology has helped society evolve and benefitted our relationships with others in order to prove to older generations that the constant use of technology isn’t becoming an “addiction” or affecting us negatively. She adopts a serious tone for her audience, the readers of Christianity Today and others interested in the topic of how technology is changing

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