The Impact Of Social Media On College Students Essay

1321 Words Feb 19th, 2016 null Page
By understanding the power and influence that social media have in a college student life is vital for todays society. Social media has created a tremendous opportunity for college student to stay in contact with each other on a much easier level. However, some have been badly mistreated on it, so bad, that they never recuperate from it. The Internet and social media have become a platform for everybody to voice their opinion, and it is almost impossible not having any privacy without not being on social media. The purpose of this study was to gain an understanding of the importance social media is for a college student, also, to see if there are any differences in reasons between American and Scandinavian college students of why they are on social media, and how they have adopted social media by using a well known applicable communication theory. In this last chapter, the findings of this thesis has uncovered are elaborated on and the two research questions are addressed. Next, the relevance and the importance of these findings and its contribution to the communications field are discussed. Finally, the recommendations for further research will be put forth.
General findings The results of the analysis of research question 1 indicated that there was 10 % higher difference between Scandinavian and the US students when it came to “stay in contact with friends.” HPU is a college where a lot of international students are attending, the high percentage could be because of…

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