The Impact Of Social Media On Academic Performance Of Students

1306 Words May 18th, 2016 null Page
The introduction of technology and social media has changed our lifestyles. The use of social media had increased among students and its impacts have been studied under many research studies to find out the impact of using social media on the academic performance of students. The reason of using social media is different among different students. Students use social media to make new friends, to seek jobs, to pass their leisure time, to chat with friends, to get news and to get academic information. The availability of social networking sites on smart phones has provided students quick access to all the social networking websites. This results in an increase in using of social networking sites by students which ultimately affect their grades and academic performance. Students tend to use Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social media applications on their cell phones during lectures. They do not pay attention to class lectures and skip important points.

Paul, Baker, and Cochran (2012) stated that use of social media by the faculty and academic institutes has increased and it has become of the most common communication tools. Students and teachers engage with each other through Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media to deliver instructions about assignments and classes. They conducted a survey on business students to determine the relationship between academic performance and time spent by students on OSN. They found out that time spent by students on OSN…

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