The Impact Of Iom Report On Nursing Essay

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The Impact of IOM Report on Nursing
Nursing plays a dynamic role in Patient care. Nurses educate, advocate, care and comfort patients. Moreover, nurses do 24 hour bedside care; they assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care and comfort of the patient. Furthermore, they communicate and collaborate on patient care with other care team members. Nurses are the eyes and ears of the patient. Institute of medicine (IOM) understand the relation of nursing care and patient outcome. IOM perceives nurses going above and beyond to improve increasingly complex health care industry. IOM wants nurses to get higher education and function leadership role to improve patient outcome. Nevertheless, IOM calls on nurses to take a greater role in the growing health care system. This paper will illustrate the impact of the IOM report on nursing education, nurse’s role as a leader, nursing practice, and the ways nurses can change their practice to meet the IOM’s report’s goal.
The education system is old. The baby boomers are growing old. In order to satisfy the health care needs of the increasingly geriatric population, education system needs to be changed. IOM committee says “nursing curricula need to be reexamined, updated, and adaptive enough to change with patients’ changing needs and improvements in science and technology” ("Institute Of Medicine," 2010, para. 6). The education system we have is outdated. It was designed in the past when there were limited resources. At present, with the…

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