The Impact Of Celebrity Endorsements On South African Female Consumers

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1.0 Introduction

This research aims to explain what endorsement means. It will also explain how celebrity endorsements are selected by brands and the importance of selecting a good representation fit for the brand identity. This research will also aim to identify the influence of the celebrity endorsements on South African female consumers as opposed to advertising cosmetic products the normal marketing.

1.1 background
An endorser is an individual who appreciates public recognition and uses the recognition on behalf of the consumer product by attracting consumers with it on an advert. Celebrity endorses vary from actors, singers, politicians, models, cartoon characters and so forth. In our modern society many if not all South African females own more than one cosmetic product so that consumer already know the market of cosmetics . With that said most of the time, the current brand they have is a brand they have used numerous of times and it’s good to the skin. In most cases females do not really consider price as a contributing factor when purchasing any cosmetic product as it is known that the cheaper the product the higher the chances of it reacting badly to skin. Advertising cosmetic brands for South African females is a very challenging segment as marketers have to find a way to attract and retain customers, capture and influence their spending power because at the purpose is to create brand loyalty. Whereas the normal advertising strategies are not as appealing…

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