A Good Expert Endorser For Lightweight Luggage

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A good expert endorser for lightweight luggage would be Samsonite. This company makes a variety of different high end luggage pieces. They would have the proper testimonial devices (customer feedback, statistics, surveys) to endorse a lightweight luggage that would exceed customer expectation. A good celebrity endorsement for lightweight luggage would be our current president, Barack Obama. Our president is a busy individual who travels all around the world. Barack Obama is someone who would rely on lightweight luggage for his traveling needs.
A good expert endorser for a smart phone woud be Apple. This company has made several smart phones over the years. They have had amazing success with the majority of products including Iphone. Apple is also known for their great customer service. Apple would be an ideal expert endorser for an Iphone. An ideal celebrity endorsement would be Steve Jobs. Even though he has passed away, he created Apple. Due to his Apple creation he became a public figure and was well- respected. Another ideal celebrity would be someone who uses Apple products and has a strong social media following. I would pick DJ Khaled. He is a music producer who became an even bigger celebritiy due to his snapchat.Dj Khaled already endorses Dr. Dre for headphones. He gives motivational talks over his snapchat and has made a career out of it. His large social media following that would be successful to his endorsement.
An expert endorser I would want

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