The Impact Of Advertising On The Advertising Essay

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Advertising is known for the activity of commodity for commercials and magazine products as well as services. Companies uses commercials, magazines and billboards as a gateway to attract their intended audience. Nevertheless, they also use them to inform the public of the new product being sold which they claim to be beneficial. When companies publicize their product it captivate their audience because of their use of appeals. Using appeals the customers would have no other choice but to purchase the product because it’s a type of brainwashing created in the advertisement. Successful companies have knowledge on the personal insecurities, not specific, but categorize that their product targets towards which helps them depict between the audience 's and their intended audience. An appeal is a serious request that’s typically used in the public instead of privately due to the effectiveness. You ask, how do companies choose their intended audience? Well, their intended audience varies depending on the product specifically. The product being sold has analysis, which makes it’s effective which attracts the audience the most. Also, they know their audience vulnerability because many of their frequent customers actually does not need a majority of the products sold, but their disapprove of social isolation causes them to purchase the product. Commercials, billboards and magazine sells images instead of selling the product because the company honestly does not care nor worry about…

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