The Impact Of A Marriage On My Life Essay

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The Impact of a Marriage

(A brief inspection my parent’s marriage and how it impacted my life)

The air that morning, was crisp under my breathe, my heart was racing as I felt the last pin being pushed into my hair. I sat anxiously awaiting my turn as I watched my friends and family go out the big wooden doors one by one, all dressed up in the appropriate attire. I don’t remember exactly what I was wearing, but I do remember my mother’s garments. She looked like a princess, in a beautiful satin, white gown that hugged her perfectly, with a beautiful train that followed her everywhere she went. She smiled at me as she picked up her beautiful bouquet of flowers and handed me a small basket that held matching petals. I was told that I was the next to go out the big wooden doors, but I couldn’t go just yet, not until I found my friend, Laura, she was to be my new sister and also had a small basket of petals. I found her crying, she was scared to go out the big wooden doors, so her older sister went with us. As the big doors opened and we stepped into the big beautiful room, full of all of our family and friends, I can’t help but think now, how essential this moment was and is in my life. Marriage; marriage is something that for hundreds of years has been the binding factor between families, and even civilizations. It is an act of true commitment to oneself and a partner. I was four years old when my mother married my father, and it was the beginning of a new type of family…

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