Personal Narrative Essay: Why Is Marriage Is Hard?

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Why is marriage so difficult? As I sat at home alone on a crisp winter day, reclined in my favorite chair with the fireplace on to warm my chilled feet, I asked myself this question a thousand times. The silence in the room was deafening. The ticking of the clock on the wall, as each second passed, seemed to get louder and louder. Heat radiated from the vibrant fire burning in the beautifully stone crafted fireplace, yet I felt so cold. I had always imagined myself as an amazing husband who delighted in serving and loving his wife. Was I really that selfish and self-absorbed? My goal, from the moment that I committed myself to my gorgeous wife, was to become the best husband that I could possibly be for her. Starring up at the sterile white ceiling with my mind wandering, I thought about the advice of our marriage counselor. He had recommended a wonderfully written book about what it means to be an exemplary husband who leads and cherishes his wife. Taking my gaze and attention off of the abyss, I reached over and snatched the book off of the coffee table next to my recliner. As I …show more content…
It was like a second honeymoon with a newfound love that neither of us had experienced before. As I selflessly loved my wife and treated her with unconditional love, our relationship grew stronger by the day and a solid foundation formed. We began to really enjoy time together and we learned why marriage was considered a gift from God. The more I invested into my wife, the more she invested in me. It soon became a competition of trying to outdo each other and prefer the other over yourself. The most amazing aspect of this new connection was the fact that I was much happier than when I was selfishly looking out for my own interests. And to top it all off, I became a true leader in our home, leading with love and devotion instead of selfish

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