Essay about The Holiday Season Can Be The Most Stressful One Of The Year

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The Holiday season can easily be the most stressful one of the year. Not only do you have to shop for a bunch of people and dodge invasive personal questions about marriage from family, sometimes you may inexplicably decide to add to the craziness by hosting a holiday party. But while the aforementioned reasons should stress you out, hosting a party shouldn’t.

Hosting a sensational seasonal banger is actually a highlight of my Christmas season and I’ve been told by others I’m not too bad at it ( So as the (self) appointed King of Christmas bangers I’d like to give y’all a few tips to help make sure your party can take it to the next level.

Plan Ahead

As much as I preach about saving Thanksgiving, you need to get the invites out early. With everyone’s busy schedules, some friends possibly requiring baby-sitters, and others needing to plan with their spouses people need to be able to put time aside for this. It’s ideal to give people at least a month’s notice for an event like this. In our post grad days with so many friends spread out around the country and everyone caught up in the rat-race of life sometimes a well planned Holiday party is the one chance you get to see all of the great people in your life together so make the most of it. But, even if you were late on the planning part this year you can still make the most of any party by following the rest of these simple…

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