The Healthy Options At Many Universities Are Not Always The Best Selection

1391 Words Apr 12th, 2016 null Page
The healthy options at many universities are not always the best selection. To be more specific, here at the University of Oklahoma, the choices are very limited. Oklahoma is ranked number 6 in the Adult Obesity Rate, and it all starts with eating habits learned in early years all the way to up college years (“Adult Obesity in the United States” 1). The university has made it more convenient for students on a meal plan to eat fast food, instead of a healthier option or that the healthy option is just wheat bread and turkey which is rather boring after having it for lunch more than once. Consequently, the Freshmen Fifteen is a genuine problem for students who are using the meal plan on campus. Since the school cannot produce information to help students to be healthy nor can they provide delicious nourishing choices, students are left to suffer and create an unhealthy life style for themselves. However, the University of Oklahoma has a wonderful organization called Healthy Sooners that not many students have heard of, they need promote the program including their website to students and make it applicable to student life on campus. With this in mind, I have formed a proposal that pursues to help students to be healthy and join health programs at the university. If it is approved, I believe the proposal will generate a healthful environment on campus and promote nutritious habits for students to follow. Lastly, my proposal has a list of conditions for efficient communication…

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