The Healthcare Field At The St. Joseph 's Hospital Charlton Campus

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The most educational and insightful experience I have gained while developing my repertoire of knowledge of the sciences as well as the healthcare field was when I job-shadowed the physiotherapists at the St. Joseph’s Hospital Charlton Campus in Hamilton, Ontario. I observed the physiotherapists at work for a total of 16 hours in a variety of departments which included respiratory, musculoskeletal and acute medicine. It was an excellent opportunity to appreciate the teamwork involved across disciplines to provide the best possible treatment for patients. I initially spent time with a physiotherapist who specialized in acute medicine, she demonstrated the complete and thorough process involved in working with patients that required physiotherapy assessment. To begin, the physiotherapist reviewed the patient’s file in emergency as well as any test results it may have included and then assessed the mobility of the patient to determine if they were fit to go home, while also evaluating the situation at home and whether that situation is suitable for the patient’s level of functioning. We then went to acute medicine where the physiotherapist normally worked. Patient files were initially reviewed once again (these patients were generally seniors over the age of 75, one had dementia) and we visited each patient that required mobility training or assessment. I additionally had the opportunity to attend a meeting with a family of a patient as well as the family’s social worker, a…

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