The Health Promotions Supervisor At The Metropolitan Council Essay

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I met with Joy Ahern, the Health Promotions Supervisor at the Metropolitan Council. Joy’s responsibilities, on top of managing individuals in the Health and Wellness group within Human Resources, are to collect health related data, presentations on health topics and pre-planning health and wellness promotions with Council wide facilities.
Growing up Joy lived a life many would only dream about. When she was 16 she lived in South America and Uruguay. At the age of 19, Joy lived in England and traveled quite extensively across the UK (England, Ireland and Scotland) and Europe (Greece, Germany, Italy, France, Austria and Netherlands.) Traveling opened her eyes to the world – seeing other cultures and experiencing them firsthand.
Joy move to Minnesota in the late nineties to attend the University of Minnesota. She always had a passion for health and disease prevention so she knew she wanted a career in a public health field. While attending the U of M she took classes in Nutrition, Kinesiology and Public Health. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Public Health and went on to get her master’s degree in Community Health Promotion. To stay current within her field, Joy is a member of many health and wellness organizations where she earns continuing education credits and certificates. She is a member of the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing, Inc. (NCHEC) where there mission statement is: “The mission of NCHEC is to enhance the…

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