The Health Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet Essay

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Dakota Gravitt

The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet

As everyone already knows, a vegetarian/vegan diet is obviously healthier than one that involves meat and other animal products [BEGGING THE QUESTION]. There are several different kinds of vegetarians out there with several different types of strict diets. There are of course vegetarians, people who consume some animal products but not any meat, and then there are vegans, who do not consume ANY animal products. Though there are some, like myself, who will eat certain kinds of meat like chicken and fish but not anything else especially red meats like beef as well as pork. These people are known as pescetarian, who are not vegetarians but will only consume fish, as well as other “-terian” types who consume other kinds of animal products classified as ovolactopollopescetarians. Ovo- meaning egg, lacto- meaning dairy, and pollo- meaning poultry [ARGUING W/ DEFINITION]. Whether it be for ethical reasons or health reasons, going vegan/vegetarian has proven to be a healthier choice and even for people who have eaten meat their entire lives, there are noticeable differences in everyone’s health, most pros weighing out the cons [BEGGING THE QUESTION]. There are a lot of health benefits to refusing to eat meat like reduced fats, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, weight loss and reduced risks for things like heart disease, diabetes and cancer and many people who have weight problems that choose to go on vegetarian diets…

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