Vegetarianism: The Pros And Cons Of Veganism

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Veganism is something I find to be overlooked. Vegans, in addition to being vegetarian, do not use other animal products and by-products derived from animal products. People wonder if we would be healthier with a vegan diet, and I’m here to argue yes, not only would we be healthier with a vegan diet, but there comes benefits to going vegan that could help our ecosystem. Although carnists argue against Veganism due to calorie efficiency, it’s actually easily solved with vitamins and minerals.
What many people don’t know is the mistreatment of farm animals. Many people have the misconception that just because meat or animal products are labeled as “organic” it means that the animals aren’t subjected to cruelty and torture. This is false information.
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With Veganism, there are people who boycott animal-based foods, and it raises concern due to the fact that vegans may not be getting enough nutrition since there are eight nutrients they cannot get from plant foods. Nancy Rodriguez argues no, we would not be healthier with a vegan diet, that it’s a question of balance. She states, “Individuals who stop eating meat and dairy products are at risk of not getting enough calcium, vitamin D, protein, vitamin B12, zinc and iron in their diets—all nutrients that come mostly from food products derived from animals.” (Rodriguez) In other words, she believes that a vegan diet would not be the way to go due to us not getting the nutrients previously mentioned. However, there are substitutes and vegans can still get the nutrition needed. Vitamin D comes to us from exposure to sunlight. Just a moderate dose each day does wonders. Iron and calcium are both plentiful in leafy greens like kale, spinach, broccoli, and asparagus. Supplements also supply missing nutrients, furthermore, not everyone needs to eat meat to stay healthy. Although, all of these issues are magnified tenfold when children are involved. What parents worry about is whether or not their child is provided iron or vitamin B12. Breastfed infants need a source of iron beginning at 4 to 6 months of age when their stores of this nutrient …show more content…
I think people converting to Veganism is beneficial, not only for the animals, but it’s shown that there are benefits for the human body and for the planet as well. People are worried about the overpopulation of the animals, but what they don’t see is that there are already animals becoming endangered, not to mention the cruel fact that the animals are getting mistreated in the “farms”. People don’t see the cruelty the animals face in the “farms”, they face many abnormalities and it’s become so normal, one could say, to feed off of animals that people aren’t worried about the morals and face no burden of conscious. The most important thing I 've come to understand about my topic is there are solutions to all the concerns raised. Before my research, I thought only about adult vegans or didn’t pay much attention to how animal agriculture could affect our environment. Now I understand we also need to think about children vegans or how environmental change is greatly harming the world we’re living in. There are people who are against Veganism, but I firmly believe they should look into it more and see that Veganism is something that could help us move towards a better and healthier

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