The Greatest Memories Of My Dad

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For most people its satisfying to know they can build something with their own two hands that’s of quality and impresses people. That’s one of the reasons my dad said he loves to do woodworking. People generally take more pride in something they have had to work for or had to do themselves rather than something that was just handed to them. My dad, like most men, is the kind of guy that will try to fix it or make it himself before he has to pay somebody to do it. I was curious as to how he comes up with the ideas for the things he makes. He said that he does it just like his dad taught him. He would see a picture or product he would like to try and build, then he would have to picture it in his mind, “I have to see it in my mind first, I have to think about and the best way to build it” he said. Once he pictures it he can start to build it. Some of the greatest memories of his father that he has is some drawings and sketches from when they built things together. Like the big china cabinet that sits in our dining room to this day. It was hard for him to pick a favorite thing that he has built over the years. But …show more content…
His father would drag him outside every Saturday and make him watch his father working. He got to help by sanding the wood, which is funny because that was either my job or my brothers. If it wasn’t sanding it was ripping out nails of old wood to use for something. I remember my brother and I would look for anything to do to escape and go play. But looking back I wish I would’ve spent more time out in the workshop, and when I got back from my mission we did just that. We built a strong arm bell for a church activity where you hit the lever and it sends a nut up a rope and hits the bell. It was fun cause we had never built one and we had to work out the kinks, and we bounced ideas off each

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