The Great Leaders Have Specific Beliefs And Core Values Essay

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Belief Many great leaders have specific beliefs and core values that they follow. Belief is not just believing in God but believing in what you do. The main core value that I have always looked for in a leader is Integrity. If a leader cannot respect their team, then how can you respect your leader. Also, a leader should be held accountable for their actions and decisions. Another great belief is congruence which means people should feel secure when they see their doing the right things. A leader should not just talk the talk but walk the walk. I could go on and on what beliefs make a great leader but the last one of my top three is character. When a group of people see their leader doing the right thing and making good work ethics many will follow suit. Many will want to continue on with doing the right thing and having great work ethics.
After taking the test the Strength Finder 2.0 (2007) it called me a tree hugger per say. I think that it is awesome that it picked up on my strong belief of being good to our planet. I want to take my belief that all deserve clean water and healthy food into action when I am able. Until then, I learn as much as I can about how to supply clean water and growing your own food to teach others. It talked about how I instinctively labored for hours, days, or weeks when the money allowed to provide for my family needs. I not only provide for my family but I have taken in several other children when they were teenagers and helped them through…

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