The Great Gatsby Book Vs Movie Essay

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Mrs. Iannuzzi
The Great Gatsby Movie Review
After reading the novel, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and now watching the movie, it is apparent that there were several differences made from the book to the movie that are both good and bad. Although there were minor things changed from the book to the movie, the overall theme and plot remains the same. The actors chosen for this movie portrayed the characters of the book very well, and the movie gives an accurate portrayal of the novel, but there was some changes and scenes that were blown out of proportion, making the movie too extravagant and distasteful.
One major change from the novel to the movie was the past of the character of Nick Carraway. In the book, Nick is telling his story of Gatsby and Daisy as a
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Leonardo Dicaprio playing the role of Jay Gatsby was perfect. DiCaprio portrayed a certain charm Gatsby had as described in the book and his body language and toan helped make the character of Gatsby more real, relatable, and likeable. Carey Mulligan, the actress who played Daisy Buchanan, was a good pick for the role. In Matt Seitz review, he talks about how her breathtaking appearance perfectly matched Daisys as described in the book, and the tone of her voice is perfectly fitting for the description of Daisy having "a voice like money", which was very dramatic and assertive, yet soft and seductive Tobey Maguire did an amazing job bringing the character of Nick Buchanan to life on film. Tobey, like DiCaprio, does a outstanding job with making the character of Nick come to life, making him more human and relatable. Maguire’s acting gives Nick a feeling of sadness and mystery as described in the book. Despite the fact that the actors picked for the roles were well suited, the overall acting in the movie was a little too dramatic, making the movie seem unrealistic and not

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