Compare And Contrast The Great Gatsby Movie And Movie

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The Greater Great Gatsby
The book the Great Gatsby has been depicted by lots of films, but the two that stand out the most are the 1974 and the 2013 versions. The1974 movie has strengths and weaknesses when comparing it to the book as does the 2013 version. Analyzing each movie and closely examining its connection to the book took some time. Finally the 1974 movie is a more noteworthy adaptation of the book then the 2013, in that this version was better at keeping the essence of the characters and conveying F. Scott Fitzgerald 's purpose in the writing the novel.
The 2013 version of the Great Gatsby fell short on authenticity. One major weakness comes to light immediately, as the movie begins with Nick Carraway talking to a doctor. Nick is
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Bizzy Emerson wrote a review on the Huffington Post saying,” The Great Gatsby lived up to my (high) expectations… Director Baz Luhrman transports his audience into the era of the 1920s, but with modern edge and a flair… His quick camera movements and dizzying displays of color and glitter captured the "hysteria" of early 20th century New York City, all while encompassing the unique nuances and eccentricities that Fitzgerald had tucked away in his novel.” (Emerson). Emerson argues that the “hysteria” elements Luhrman captured in the movie is what made the movie a better rendition of the book, but in fact she is wrong. She is wrong in the sense that Lurhrman went over board with some parts of the film. An example of when Lurhamn portrayed “hysteria” in the movie was with Gatsby. During the part of the story when Daisy, Jordan, Tom, Nick and Gatsby go to New York and rent a hotel room where Gatsby finally decides to open his big mouth. Tom and Gatsby start to have a bit of an argument and defend ones self against another. What Lurhrman does in the movie that is exaggerated from the book is Leonardo Dicaprio, who plays Gatsby, loses his anger and throws everything off the bar and grabs Tom by his shirt and lifts his arm in the air as if he is about to punch the living daylights out of Tom. Where as in the book; …show more content…
Jack Clayton, the director of the 1974 movie, although beaten for his movies lifelines, is still recognized for the faithfulness he portrayed in the movie, which strengthens the movie as a better adaptation of the book. An example of how the books adaptation is better is because how well it captured the character of George Wilson. A reviewer of the movie, Devon Pack states; “And Scott Wilson captures all the wretched misery of George Wilson. Jason Clarke was this overwrought vision of a damned soul; with Scott Wilson’s performance, you see the descent, the religiosity. Way better” (Pack). Scott Wilson is the actor who plays George Wilson In the 1974 movie and Pack argues that he portrayed a better George Wilson then the Jason Clarke, who played Wilson in the 2013 version. Analyzing George Wilson’s performance in the 1974 movie to the book was kept authentic to his character, just like what Pack stated. George Wilson’s character in the book gets the short end of the stick. He has his wife walk all over him and she is unappreciated of him, even though he is working hard to please her. When Tom comes to see Mr. Wilson, who is really there to see Myrtle, he brings Nick along. Nick and Tom have gone into the shop and

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