Essay On The Difference Between The Great Gatsby Book And Movie

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Is there a difference between the novel and the film? There are lots of scenes in movies that aren’t mention in the books. Sometimes, reading the book is more better than watching the movie because the film is sometimes confusing and also doesn’t actually have a scene where the book describe. In The Great Gatsby, I chose the character Gatsby because I have notice some stuff in the film that is different than the novel that involves with this character. Like in the beginning of the book where Nick title his story his friends name, when Gatsby took Nick to a secret place, and how he die in the end. So, here are the three differences that I discover in the film and novel.
First of all, Luhrmann’s chief departure arrives at the beginning of
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Gatsby and Nick went to a barber shop with a hidden entrance. When they got inside, they saw the police commissioner with Wolfsheim. Also, they saw Nick boss there as well who I believed that Luhrmann that has turned into Tom’s friend name Walter Chase. These are two different people and neither of them that we actually meet. Also, there are features entertainment from a bevy of Josephine Baker-like dancers, who are not mentioned in the …show more content…
One of the reason that the movie is different from the book is that they director wants to make the movie more interesting for people to watch in my opinion. Sometimes, you wouldn’t expect the stuff that would happen exactly like in the book. Like the scene where Gatsby die thinking Daisy left him for Tim. Also, there are people that you wouldn’t expect to see when they enter a hidden hideout and meet the people that didn’t describe in the book. Therefore, these are the reasons why Gatsby is different in the movie and the

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