The Good And Bad Parts Of The Book Essay

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When I was choosing this class, I did not know what expect from it. All I knew was that the course is based Islam. However, after spending five weeks in this class, now I have a clue what is it about. I had no idea what the book titled A History of Islam in The America by Kambiz GhaneaBassiri was about. These are just things that I don’t take the time to think about until my professor brought it to my attention. This really taught me how to become a better analytical reader. In short, my paper will focus on the good and bad parts of the book. I will also discuss some of shocking things I came across, and the connection I was able to make from the text.
As I was reading the book, I just felt that the book was too wordy for me. I have no idea what some of the word mean and because of this reason, I found it hard to follow along. Additionally, he provides so much information at once and some of the phrases are very lengthy. Moreover, they are certain information, I feel, is not unnecessary to provide. For instance, he mentions certain people in the text and never mentioned then again later on. Consequently, he also talks about certain events that has nothing to do with Islam or Muslims in the text. I know historians’ job is to provide as much as information as needed. However, it would be better to focus on one particular topic which would help the readers, like myself, to understand the main points. This way the readers will remember more what the author talked about. It is…

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