The Goals And Long Term Goals Essay

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Our group has set both short term and long term goals to achieve by the end of the term project. All members should be aware of these goals and keep them in mind for the duration of the semester.
Our first short-term goal is to get to know each other’s personalities and work ethic. This will be done by meeting up outside of class and ask each other questions that do not pertain to the team project. Once this has been done, roles can be assigned based on individual personalities and competencies. Our second short term goal is to discuss group norms and what is acceptable team member practices. This will be done in our first weekly meeting, as it is one of the most important steps in early group formation.
Our first long-term goal is to work as a cohesive team to achieve the highest grade possible. To do this, we plan on having weekly discussions on the general nature of the project, as well as frequent communication using the group chat to keep up to date on group progress. Our second long-term goal to set earlier due dates for each part of the assignment to ensure time to edit the entire project once completed. This will also ensure that we have enough time to complete the project as it is due in less than one month. We would like to collectively gain the skills and knowledge to effectively work in a group environment in the future. Furthermore, we must first develop a strong sense of communication within the group to ensure all members are happy with the end…

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