Importance Of Effective Teams: Important Factors When Leading Within Various Levels

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Effective Teams: Create and Lead
Important Factors when Leading within Various Levels
At the organizational level, there are several important factors a leader or executive must have to lead a variety of followers. Leaders need to possess the technical skill to have an understanding of the financials of the organization ("MGMT," 2016). There are conceptual skills that are needed which hold the ability to see the organization as a whole; with the understanding of the competitive environment of the organization ("MGMT," 2016).
Diagnostic skills to investigate problems that arise. Leaders need to be able to diagnose organization-wide problems, and be able to have a strategic outlook for resolving the issues ("MGMT," 2016). Finally, is political
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Team process and team design are the two critical pieces to produce effective teams (Polzer, 2003, p. 10). Team process is essential in the adaption of the members’ skills, expertise, and other contributions they offer. When the process is in effect, then there is the insurance of a successful launch of the teams (Polzer, 2003, p. 10). The initial meeting is a crucial stage in the foundation of the team; this sets the groundwork for performance levels and other undertakings (Polzer, 2003, p. …show more content…
Integrity is a very import key to this writer in developing and building relationships with my followers. Integrity is the foundation where many qualities for success are built on, like respect for them and the leader, dignity and trust (Maxwell, 2015).
Empowerment is allowing the skilled follower to have the power within themselves in the decision-making process. The highly motivated employees already have a lot of power. It is important to recognize their power and motivate them to channel it productively. Leaders should let the follower be empowered to make strategic contributions to the organization or the group; not just to do things for you, but participate in the major decision-making issues. When you empower people you are not looking at their positions; you are basing their skills off of knowledge.
Be honest and communicate continually with all followers. Set out clear and concise goals and create the big picture for everyone to see; this prevents conflict and confusion of duties. Create the same values and coach others that we are with an agreement of the same values all working toward a common goal (Maxwell,

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