Improving Medical Errors

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Case Study Review: Improving Responses to Medical Errors with Organizational Behavior Management
Ebony Jordan
Dr. Deborah Bertsch
September 8, 2014

Case Study Review: Improving Responses to Medical Errors with Organizational Behavior Management The article based on the case study “Improving Responses to Medical Errors with Organizational Behavior Management” was very interesting. It gave an overview of the procedures and results of a study focused on patient safety needs. I have read the article thoroughly and referenced many other sources in order to contribute my opinion to the following topics.
Explain Why the Increase in the Manager’s Use of Group Behavior-based Feedback is Important
Intervention perception survey
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Take time to understand each other 's needs differences and behaviors without labeling them as good or bad (Fortin, 2010). The group must also set goals. The purpose of building groups is to reach a common goal for the organization, without goals the group would be irrelevant. The group must strive to set team goals and objectives that are satisfying and agreeable to all members of the team (Fortin, 2010). Effective communication is essential for productivity. When building a team it is important to identify barriers that keep the group from functioning efficiently. Plan and organize strategies to eliminate these barriers (Fortin, 2010). Prior to the conflict, a team should establish a problem solving method which can be used when problems arise. In addition, the group should agree that conflicts will be over issues and not personalities (Fortin, 2010). The strength of a team can be increased when all members know the roles and duties of the other team members. It is important for the team to recognize that each member has his/her own leadership style. Recognizing styles and group roles, and being able to accept those differences in group members will add to team success (Fortin, 2010). A group needs to take the time to define their real purpose and direction. Maintaining a focus and evaluating goals are critical steps in team building (Fortin, 2010). Effective teams utilize …show more content…
The management utilized many different strategies to motivate and try to get staff members involved in the improvement. This intervention demonstrably improved patient safety and offers a model for managers in other organizations to follow (Frates, 2014).

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