The Goals And Future Aspirations Essay

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We are constantly asked questions on the topic of where we are and where we are going. Those two periods make up the rest of our lives, although there is no finite time for one to end and the other to begin. There is often little talk of what we are going to do to get there, wherever “there” might be. So people make plans. They begin to think about how they want their life to look like, then they form goals. Goals represent the finish line. You can talk about being there as much as you want but, if you do not take the necessary steps, you will be at a stand still. Goals must be formed carefully, with consideration of your past experiences, present situations, and future aspirations.
I was raised with a firm understanding in who I was. Having three older brothers, I would pride myself in always being the sweetest, smartest (for my age), most delicate and most polite at the dinner table. That caused me to be a bold student, afraid to be average. Positive school experiences have enabled me to learn whatever way possible. My interests are diverse which leads to the use of the adjective “well rounded”, truly meaning I don’t fit anywhere in place like high school where everyone can be labeled with a single word. I’m totally not resentful about that (eye roll). A love of almost everything makes the potential of a future infinite, and the narrowing of a path for that future nearly impossible. I summerse myself among the classics. The hours of summer days in the woods behind our…

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