Essay on The Genocide Of The Nazi Party

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As every day passed, people dreaded the following day. As every day passed, more and more humans were considered a disease or plague by and then they believed so. As every day passed, the injustice and cruelty of the world were seen by the millions that had no freedom or voice. Those days turned into weeks and months of unbearable hatred, discrimination, and murder known as a genocide. A genocide is a mass murder directed towards a certain group of people based on hatred, prejudice and clashing ideologies. When Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party became the chancellor of Germany in 1933, the Holocaust commenced. The belief that started this genocide was that the Germans, or Aryans, were superior to the Jews. In the Cambodian Genocide, once American troops left, the commander of the Khmer Rouge army, Pol Pot, gained power on April 17, 1975. Pol Pot believed that Cambodia had been poisoned by western ideology, including capitalism and desired for an extreme form of peasant communism. Although the Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide had similar styles of polarization and preparation, each genocide differed in its form of extermination. The Holocaust and Cambodian Genocide resemble one another in their stages of polarization. During the Holocaust, businesses were shut down and boarded up after the Kristallnacht, or in English “Crystal Night”. This event got its name because of the looting and destruction that shattered glass across Germany and Austria. Over 30,000 victims…

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