Similarities And Differences Between The Holocaust And The Armenian Genocide

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More than 13 million people died during the Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust. Can you imagine that immense loss of life and the brutality they suffered? It is unfathomable! Both of these events were similar but not the same. Like their similarities, they both had their differences. Most importantly, the dehumanization inflicted on the victims of both mass killings is what makes the events comparable. The twentieth century has demonstrated the true horror that mankind can force upon society.

The first genocide of the twentieth century, according to many historians was one suffered by the Armenians. The Armenians endured rape, torture, enslavement and many other nefarious actions. Armenians ' were a group of people that resided in the mountain
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Although both events happened in very different times, the Armenian Genocide was a blueprint for the Holocaust. The Armenian Genocide and the Holocaust were both events in history that amount to the loss of millions of lives. Not only were millions of lives lost, but rape, torture, starvation, violence, and murder were methods of death used in both massacres. Victims of such massacres were coercively removed from their homes and forced to walk long death marches. The majority of the victims did not make it through the death marches as the harsh conditions, thirst, hunger, and brutal treatment slowly killed them. Although other nations were aware of the Armenian cleansing an intervention never occurred. Similarly, The Allied Powers were informed of the mass killings occurring at the hands of the Nazis and simply ignored them until the end of the Holocaust. In the last year of the Holocaust, the Allied Powers finally began the liberation of the victims. Just like similarities existed between both events differences were also present. Nearly 2 million lives were lost in the Armenian Genocide. Whereas, an estimated 11 million lives were lost in the Holocaust. An astonishing 9 million difference! The Armenians were murdered because of their Christianity while the Jews and other groups were killed because of their inferiority to the Aryan race. The Armenian genocide transpired during World War I , specifically between April 1915-1917. However, the Holocaust occurred during World War II, specifically between 1933-1945. The aggressors of the Armenians were the Turks while the Nazis were the aggressors of the Holocaust. The two mass executions took the lives of millions of innocent

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