Similarities And Differences: The Armenian Genide And Cambodian Genocide

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In the past hundred of years many genocide atrocities have occurred, taking a toll on human lives, and influencing the history of countries worldwide. The Armenian Genocide and Cambodian Genocide occurred at two very different times, but there are connections between the two that make them comparable. The Armenian Genocide beginning on April 24, 1915 was under the rule of the Young Turks, who wanted to to turkify the Ottoman Empire, by ridding it of any Non- Turks, especially those of whom were Christian. During the seven years of this destructive genocide nearly one point five million Armenians were dead or removed from the country, yet the Turkish government today does not acknowledge the genocide happening. Along with the Armenian Genocide, …show more content…
Each of the genocides were meant to eliminate a group of people, and begin a new era in each country, but each leadership had a different overall meaning to their actions. The Armenian Genocide, led by the Young Turks, a government brought to power in 1908, brought hope to the Armenian people. They thought the new head of power would promote equality in society, yet the only goal the Young Turks had in mind was to eliminate all non- Turks from the Ottoman Empire. This was the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. The article “The Armenian Genocide- Facts and Summary,” labeled the Armenian Genocide simple as, “A premeditated and systematic campaign to exterminate an entire population.” The purpose of the Armenian Genocide was to slaughter an entire body of people whereas the Cambodian Genocide was meant to restart the country in a new “Year Zero.” The Cambodian Genocide was led by Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge; while they did not simply want to rid Cambodia of all its people, the actions and ideas of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge led to a horrific ending. The goal of the Cambodian Genocide was to turn the country into a communist agrarian utopia (United to End Genocide.) The Khmer Rouge wanted to re-educate an entire country with their own new laws and values, this is what led to mass execution of Cambodians unlike the Armenian Genocide, which was meant only to eliminate all Armenian people. The ideas of both the Young Turks and Pol Pot were what drove the meaning of the Armenian and Cambodian genocides, and while each cause was ghastly there were different reasons behind

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