Elie Wiesel's Night And The Holocaust

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The forties were dominated by fashion statements, fascinating inventions, and life-changing events. The forties contain many well-known events in history; however, this time period is mainly known for World War II, for the attack on Pearl Harbor, and for the Holocaust. Because of the numerous events that occurred, the forties are known as the decade of a new era. From small inventions such as the creation of t-shirts to drastic events such as World War II, each has affected the world’s outcome in one way or another. Events during the 1940s have affected today’s society immensely.
As the decade began, the world was already in World War II, a war that made the world a different place. The war began on September 1, 1939 when Germany
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The Holocaust was a horrible genocide that killed Jews, Soviet prisoners of war, Slavs, political opponents, the mentally and physically disabled, and others that the Nazis considered a waste of human life (Keko 2). The images of all the piles of dead bodies and all of the saddened faces of those innocent people scar the lives of today’s society. Those pictures are memorable images that have broken the world’s heart. As well as pictures, Elie Wiesel, a survivor from the Holocaust, wrote a very informative book called Night. He tells about his experience in vivid details that makes today’s readers able to understand just how devastating this tragic genocide was. Between December 1941 and December 1944, the Nazis operated six death camps in Eastern Europe (America at War: World War II 2). 20,000 people were killed every day by either gas chambers or crematoriums …show more content…
The Holocaust is only one example of how prejudice society can be. Discrimination of religion, race, or gender is now looked down upon. As well as the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust really made people stop and realize how drastically the world around them can change (Keko 2). The Holocaust also affected the government; most countries today have presidents or princes rather than a dictatorship in order to prevent any reoccurrence of the devastating Holocaust (2). The Holocaust was definitely an event from the forties that should never be repeated in time

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