Genocide In Elie Wiesel's Night

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In the holocaust over 3 million jews were killed for just being themselves. Genocide is the mass murder & suffrage of millions of people within an ethnic group or social class (ex. Jews ). some may say that the holocaust isn't an example of Genocide because they would argue that the holocaust is just an “act” of genocide not necessarily committing the crime. The Holocaust should be considered an example of genocide based on the UN’s definition, the stages of genocide, and the specific evidence provided in the memoir “Night”. The first reason the Holocaust should be considered an example of Genocide is in the “Convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide” in article 3 …show more content…
Idek was on edge, he had trouble restraining himself. Suddenly , he exploded. The victim this time was my father. "You old loafer!" h e started yelling . "Is this what you call working?" And he began beating him with an iron bar. At first, my father simply double d over under the blows, but then he seems to break in two like an old tree struck by lightning. I had watched it all happening without moving. I kept silent.” (night 51,

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