The Gap Between Education And Technology Essay

752 Words Dec 5th, 2014 4 Pages
Closing the Gap between Education and Technology The vast expanding realm of technology has enhanced the education of today’s youth. However, technology has become one of the biggest challenges facing the education system. The problem is: there are both good and bad ways technology can be used in the classroom. Therefore, it becomes the educators’ responsibility to close the gap between education and technology. Technology has become a major distraction in the classroom. Between smart phones, tablets, and computers, it is hard to permit the use of such devices during class time. Not only is distraction a factor, but technology is outdated quickly due to how the world of technology evolves and school systems may not have the budget to keep up with demands. Another disadvantage is some teachers have become completely dependent on this new era of tools, and are no longer elaborating on the teaching itself. Educators must ask themselves, how do we turn these negatives into positives? In order to answer this question, we must first determine why technology is important within schools. The 21st century has presented new means of enhancing experiences in the classroom with the use of computers, iPads/tablets, smart boards, online education websites, calculators, document cameras, and many more technological advances. Technology gives educators more opportunities to demonstrate information to students. The use of technology is a way to include every type of student, including…

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