The Future Of Tim 's Coffee Shoppe Essay

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The Future of Tim’s Coffee Shoppe
AB299: Associates Capstone in Management
January 20, 2015
Denise A. Brown
Executive Summary
Tim’s Coffee Shoppe has the ability to become as successful as he wishes. With the recommendations on the following pages, Tim can do just that. With improvements across the board from technology to repairs, Tim will increase his sales and profits. Along with his staff their supporting him and vice versa, he will only continue to grow in the right direction.

Regulations and Management Summary
Leadership and experienced management are key to a successful business. The chatter between crew regarding weekend plans, and what not need to stop. Customers do not want to hear about this. To maximize success promote employees from within, consider hiring new employees, and have management encourage one another. Comply a list of regulations and requirements that need to be done and keep employees accountable.
Action Items
A Mission statement should answer the following questions:
 What do we do?
 How do we do it?
 Whom do we do it for?
 What value are we bringing?
(Hull, 2013).
The following is an example of the Mission statement that is recommended:
Mission Statement
At Tim’s Coffee Shoppe our Mission is to provide exceptional customer service to our patrons. We will only serve you the best quality products to ensure that you’ll come back time and time again. Our employees will assist you with a smile and warm welcome to make your time…

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