The Future Of Nuclear Energy Essay

750 Words May 3rd, 2016 3 Pages
We are in the midst of shifting away from fossil fuels, and while we have a pretty good idea about what the distant future will hold with solar energy, the transition period is much more mysterious. I think the answer has been in front of us this whole time, nuclear energy. Fifty or sixty years ago, nuclear energy was considered the future, a cleaner more powerful alternative to that of oil and coal. with concepts like the Ford Nucleon, a car powered my a fission reactor in its trunk, the future was supposed to be clean and efficient. However, looking at today, we still use oil and coal, but now with some supplementary energy sources like hydro, solar, or wind. So what happened? With great power comes great responsibility, a quote from either Voltaire or Uncle Ben, represents a respect that must be used when trying to harness the great powers of the universe. When first discovering the power to that of uranium or plutonium, it was feared, great care was exercised due to its immense power, but over time, we began to take it for granted as a tool of mass destruction rather than a source of power. With events like Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the full destructive power of nuclear energy was realized. The events of the Cold War and the subsequent disarming of the weapons of mass destruction was the end of the nuclear future. With events like Chernobyl and the more recent Fukushima fears of the negative effects of nuclear energy began to develop a more modern fear of radioactive…

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