The Four Functions Of A Manager Essay

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In my management class, I have learned about the four functions of a manager. The first function is planning. In order to have a good plan, it must be specific about the goals of the business. The goal “should quantify the desired results” (pg.93). The goal should be attainable and relevant. The goal should also be able to be obtained by a specific time. The second function is organization. There must be structure or the business would just fall apart like a tower without a good base. The third is leading. A business without a good leader has no one to follow. Last but not least is controlling. Someone must control quality, financial activities, information technology, and human resources. All four of these functions make up a great manager.
I have worked with both great and horrible managers. I currently work with a great one. She has her faults, but overall, she is awesome. My manager’s name is Margaret. She knows how to plan. She is currently over six clinics. She plans her day by which clinic, she is to visit. Monday mornings are my day. She arrives at 7:15 a.m. We go over the progress of the clinic and how we can do things better. We discuss the other employees in my clinic and what is needed to improve their work load. We plan what is needed for the clinic to run smoothly and if there is anything that we can improve overall. If I were the manager, I do not believe I would change anything about how she achieves the planning process. I believe that I would…

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