What Are Management Functions, And Productivity Within An Organization

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What are management functions and resources, and how do they relate to the performance and productivity within the organization were resources are applied. While managers have a lot to do within the organization the main function is to oversee how the organization functions, and this is done through using the proper resources; such as “planning, controlling, organizing, and directing through that of financial, informational, material, and human resources” (Drafke, 2009, pg. 245). Though, many people believe managers only have one job, actually managers have more on their plate than the eye can see, and it exist in as many as sixteen different areas; involving those within the main functions of the organization. How this is accomplished, is …show more content…
247-248). Like in every business there are up’s and down’s that people face, a being a manager is no different; especially when dealing with resources to run the business and out of the four most used resources human resources is the hardest to manage. This is because (human resources, pg. 247) deal with so many persons to person issues, causing it to be a daily struggle and complicated when trying to meet people requests; especially when things/people can become touch n go. Meaning the most extraordinary things between man and machine is the body and mind of a human being (pg. 247). In other words, what makes us who we are depends on are abilities to be creative, independent, and able to adapt to the unexpected as human; but it can cause quite the opposite in terms of managing because it makes things tougher to handle and control. For example, a copier machine doesn’t throw a fit when it stops working, and one chooses to replace it; unlike humans than can be unpredictable. Unlike the other resources which seem to fall into place much easier than that of the human resource side of the business. For instance, that of (financial resources, pg.247), where revenue such as money, stocks and bonds, and accounts receivables are invested, and monitored for its financial securities in benefiting the business, and helping to build up its coffers through the usage of proper balancing; and budgeting. After, the following resources are applied, the next phase in helping to bring t together is using the (material resources, pg. 247-248), or the supplies needed in order to manufacture these raw materials into components of numeral good and services. Then finally is the (informational resources

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