The For Violations Of The Labour Relations Act Essay

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I find prosecutions and penalties as one of the most important concerns raised in the report as the issue is that currently we do not have any credible threat of prosecutions for violations of the Labour Relations Act, they are rare and many cases get dismissed or accommodated (C.M. Mitchell., J.C. Murray, pg. 107, 110). This is proven as from the years of 2004-2014 the OLRB had thousands of unfair labour practice complaints filed, but from 10 years only 29 applications were given consent to prosecute and out of those 29 only 3 were granted. (C.M. Mitchell., J.C. Murray, pg. 107). This proves that the LRA does not take these prosecutions or penalties seriously as many employers, business’ or unions avoid any penalties whatsoever. These prosecutions are also rare and if convicted are fined from 2 000 to a maximum of 25,000 dollars (C.M. Mitchell., J.C. Murray, pg. 107). The problem with these numbers is they have not changed since 1990, this means there has been 26 years of economic growth with no changes to legislative (C.M. Mitchell., J.C. Murray, pg. 107). The issue is that employers get away with illegal acts and almost never get punished. Unions argue that since there is a widespread disregard for the laws of the LRA, there is an increase in employers involvement in illegal activity during organizing union drives (C.M. Mitchell., J.C. Murray, pg. 110). The illegal activity should not be allowed and effective action needs to be taken as employers normally get away with…

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