Essay on The For A Kidney Transplant

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100,791 people in the United States of America are currently on a waiting list for a lifesaving kidney. This is a very depressing fact that many families are dealing with right now. The average wait time for a persons first kidney transplant is about three and a half years. For many they just can 't wait that long for a kidney. This puts people in desperate situations to get a kidney transplant. When waiting isn’t an option there is an alternative to getting a kidney and that is through the black market. We all know you can find drugs, guns and illegal services on the black market, but who knew there was a big market for organs? It is estimated that around ten thousand illegal kidney transplants are done each year. Organ brokers are the people that make these deals happen. The average price for a kidney is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars and the average price paid to a person selling a kidney is five thousand. This brings up the question, who is more desperate, the person needing the kidney or the person selling the kidney? The people who are selling their kidneys are selling them for less than a used car, this says something about how desperate they are for money. The hot spots for kidney trafficking are places that are very poor. “Kavre, a tiny district, close to Kathmandu, and what activists and authorities say is a ground zero for the black market organ trade in Nepal.” This is a where most people don’t make enough money for a meal in a day. This causes people…

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