Joanna Mackay's Article: The Debate Of Organ Sales

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Molly O’Brien
Expository Writing
Assignment #2

The Debate of Organ sales In MIT student Joanna Mackay’s article “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” she focuses on why organ sales should be made legal. She researches information about how people are dying due to minimum organs, third world donors, moral issues and the advantage to government regulation to argue her point that organ sales should be available if one desires. Joanna's presents how people are dying and suffering from the lack of organ sales. She states how dialysis is a way of treating kidneys, but, it is not permanent and there are side effects such as: feeling tired and faint. A live kidney has more benefits than a cadaverous one. Mackay points out how 2,583 Americans died while
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Third world donors will do anything for money and it could help poverty. Mackay states in the living situations, people are willing to sell their kidneys for 1,000 dollars(159). Mackay’s article then springs into moral issues, she says not being able to sell a kidney violates the basic rights of a donor. Mackay brings up a counter claim from Pope John Paul II when he states that organ sales are morally wrong, she later refutes this argument(158). There is an advantage of government regulation. Mackay theorizes that it would give some kind of insurance to the donor, and it will give them a clearer understanding of what is going to happen to their body before partaking in selling their organs. (159) Mackay uses emotions description reader and statistics in her essay to argue …show more content…
They point out that there are concerns on how to go about a surgery with a patient if sales do become legalized. Khan and Delmonico state, “…organ selling creates and inherent conflict for the physicians relationship with the patient. In that professional relationship, patients are not clients.” (179). This evidence appeals through pathos because it dehumanizes the patient by making them a client. This evidence was publishes in 2003 therefore it is more accurate than some of MacKay’s sources, but it is still not as up to date as it could be in 2017. There is major relevance from this quote because the whole point of their article is about ethics over economics. Another example of evidence is when Khan and Delmonico quote Veatch R. Kennedy, “if we are a society that deliberately and systematically turns its back on the poor, we must confess our indifference to the poor…” (179) this raises ethical concerns about manipulating the poor. This evidence comes from a journal with makes the argument more accurate. A journal is one of the most credible sources because those who write in journals are experts in what they are writing about. They have a lot certifications, degrees and experience in what they are writing about. Lastly, their work is reviewed by other experts before it is published. Khan and Delmonico use a sufficient amount

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