Selling Organs Essay

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Should selling organs be legal? Have you ever thought about the possibility of selling their own organs for transplantation? The question, of course is wild, but practice shows that from time to time, is in a difficult financial situation of the inhabitants of our country are beginning thinking outloud about using this opportunity to help others and make some money at the same time. About 75,000 Americans are on the waiting list for kidney transplants. But in the coming year, just 18,000 will get them.(1) Many people believe that the human body can perfectly function without parts of it organs and can live a long life afterwards. However, selling your organs is morally wrong, simply …show more content…
In many countries, the purchase of organs from living donors has become quite common. Most sellers are poor and healthy, while the majority of buyers are rich and sick. Many public figures considered trafficking in human organs are morally repugnant and the idea of selling human body parts for money being unethical. If selling organs became legal, only the ones who could afford it would get it. Unfortunately, poor people who are financially desperate would sell their organs to wealthy people for temporary income. Even if the person sells their organ and gets the money, they’ll spend most of it on rehabilitation after the surgery and possible difficulties with their …show more content…
At already existed black market, you can purchase just about anything that a man have: kidneys, lungs, liver, eyeballs, bones, tendons, heart valves, skin and many more. However, it would encourage more violent crimes, criminals would hunt for organs and get rid of the rest of the body. [The damning evidence they uncovered suggests that tens of thousands of innocent people have been killed on demand to supply an ongoing illegal organ transplant industry.(5)] ,the most recent exposed China’s human trafficing. Often accomplices mafia group transplant draw up documents for the adoption of children abducted entire families, arrange travel or credit fraud, threatened by the court and paid, if the random victim does not give a "duty", and then offer to help in conflict resolution: a kidney as an exchange fee, newborn twins in exchange for life. For example, in Moldova entire villages mysteriously disappeared, supposedly “gone on

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