Legalization Of Organ Sales Essay

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In the United States, there has been an increase in the number of organ transplants

needed over the years, even though there are not enough donated organs to fill that need. This

issue has sparked many ideas in the creation of a remedy to the current organ donation shortage.

One of the proposed solutions would be to legalize the sale of human organs, which has many

issues woven within it. Through history of organ donations, many people have been saved.

However, the proposition brings with it problems and concerns. Modern science has produced

other means of reducing the shortage without endangering the health and welfare of it’s citizens.

The legalization of organ sales in the United States would pose threats to the country’s
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If the United States was to adopt the presumed consent law,

it could drastically reduce the need for organs, without subjecting it’s citizens to the difficulties

associated with the legalization of organ sales.

There are many risks that come along with the legalization of human organ sales in the

United States. Legalization of organ sales can lead to unethical people taking advantage of the

poor. It can be questioned whether selling an organ is a truly self-aware and informed choice.

Immoral uses for the organ market would include people using it as a form of collateral for debt,

selling an organ just to buy an expensive item that they had been wanting, or to make easy

money. The poor could be thought of as “extra body parts”, which is morally and ethically

abhorrent. In the always ongoing battle between morality and immorality in the world, it

becomes more and more evident that this battle affects the people in very intimate ways. This

battle is raging in the U.S. in many ways, such as the thought of legalizing of organ sales. The

lust for money has come to outweigh the well being of humans and their
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Just because someone is on the waiting list, does not mean that they

would have the money to buy an organ. The legalization of human organ sales would create an

upper-class dominated organ trade, which would not benefit the poor at all. Legalization of

organ sales in the United States would pose threats to the country’s morality in a sense that the

poor could be mislead to use the organ market as a short term solution to long term monetary


Just as it is impossible to totally rule out immorality in an entire country, it would be

impossible for the government to have entire control over a domestic market for organs. There is

a trade market that operates all around the world, called the black market, which sells, trades, and

deals in illegal means. They will sell anything. The black market has been known to sell

everything from endangered wildlife to cigarettes, faux designer items to sex slaves, and stolen

historic artifacts to human organs. There is a neverending flow of illegal trade in that industry. If

the legalization does anything to impact the black market sale it may be for their benefit. It

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