Analysis Of Organ Sales Will Save Lives

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"Organ Sales Will Save Lives" by Joanna MacKay explains the problem that thousands of people are complaining about. This problem is that thousands of people are begging to buy a kidney, but the government doesn't allow people to sell human organs. This outcome causes thousands of people to die each year, creating chaos around the world. Mackay and the other author’s want to convey their message to the government on why this catastrophic problem should be fixed. Since this essay is written on the subject of organ sales and Mackay’s essay was written back in 2004 some information may be dated, however not much has changed to fix this issue.
"Are Ban on Kidney Sales Unjustifiably Paternalistic" by Erik Malmquist corresponds to the main article because they both share that a kidney transplant is the best treatment for the end stage renal disease. The articles both explain the problem on how this disease affects people and
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For example, "Patients wait increasingly longer for transplant relying instead of less effective and burdensome dialysis treatments and sometimes dying while waiting"(1). This explains the shortage of kidneys to the outrageous waiting and have no option to get dialysis or patients die because of the long wait. Another article that reckons sides with MacKay essay is "Moral Repugnance, Moral distress, and Organ Sales" by James Stacy Taylor. Who can appreciate MacKay and agree on multiple main points they can work together on their belief about organ sales and proof that they are right about the ban on organ sales. “Because of our scruples against sales, potential beneficiaries of sales, transplantation are probably dying...also true, their benefactors, actual, and potential"(4). This process is explaining the ban of organ sales and a lack of kidneys this causes many to die

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