Argumentative Essay On Organ Trafficking

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The outpour in which organ trafficking occurs allows pure dominance, power and a developmental global adaption. It captures and eliminates those who are the poor, vulnerable, displaced, disgraced or dispossessed. It is a life or death drama, victims or donors may walk away content and recipients may return home with a new lease of life. Although the complexity and significance of this global transition is endemic, it’s gradually becoming a bigger issue. Yet, among all, the worldwide demand for the donated organs has grown exponentially and undoubtedly ranks the most morally reprehensible of offenses. Organ Trafficking has risen to the surface, revealing those whom are left ‘high and dry’ in the processes of eliciting the organ trade.

It’s true. Illegal organ trafficking strikes those whom either sacrifice their body at their own expense, or reluctantly surrender – with an unknown disadvantaged price. Despite some growing awareness, the international organ trade industry cannot
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Organ transplantation, one of the medical miracles of the 20th century has improved the lives of many patients worldwide. It has not only made transplantation a ‘life-saving therapy’ but a shining symbol of human solidarity. Yet, these accomplishments have been tarnished by reports of human trafficking, allowing real human beings to ‘blemish’ the weak and ‘power wheel’ the strong.
World Health Organisation stand concerned at the growing insufficiency of available human material for transplantation to meet patient needs. They urge governments to take measures to protect poor and vulnerable groups from ‘transplant tourism’ including attention to the wider problem of international trafficking in human organs. As the exasperating issue prevails, there is further concern for those thriving in the organ trade and the lives of those ‘strung’ upon this

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