Organ Sales Will Save Lives Essay

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Organ Sales Will Save Lives
In the essay “Organ Sales Will Save Lives” by Joanna Mackay, kidney failure is the main topic. In the thesis Mackay says “Government should not ban the sale of the human organs, they should regulate it.” It is supported by the evidence it will save lives. 350,000 people in America struggle with this situation each year. She also states that more people will be willing to give up their kidneys if it were legal. There are other ways like dialysis, which is a temporary time period. Kidney transplant is the way to go. In the third world countries, people are willing to sell their kidneys because they need money. Joanna Mackay points out the black market for selling kidneys for $150,000 because it is illegal to sell organs
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In third- world countries , there are people willing to do anything for money. Eager to pay off their debts, they line up all over at hospitals willing to sell a kidney. With the money they will purchase food and clothing or to pay for a family member medical procedure. There is certainly a risk in donating kidneys, but it is not great enough to be outlawed. Many people take risks to their health every day for money, or just for enjoyment. There are people that agree with Pope John Paul II that the seller is morally wrong and violates “the dignity of the human person”. (Pope John Paul 158). In a Legal transplant, everyone gains except the donor. The doctors and nurses pay for the operation, the patient receives the kidneys, but then the donor receives nothing. The donor might have an uplifting feeling helping a fellow man, but is this enough. The real world is run by money however. Men get paid for donating sperm and we pay women for donating ova, but yet we want others to give away a major organ in their body for no compensation. If it were legal to sell organs people would have a greater motivation to help save the life of a stranger. It is very clear Mackays purpose is to argue a position. Features in an argument have convincing evidence and a clear position. Mackay makes it clear that the sales of organs should be legal. Studies have shown as little as 50 percent of eligible donors are actually registered organ donors. Often people don’t register, not because they object to it, but they simply don’t remember to. Many Americans are willing to donate organs after their deaths, but yet few fill out donor cards, because they forget. Many states have considered passing laws that make organ donation automatic unless specifically stated they don 't want

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