The Floor Of The Room Essay

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The classroom was overall an excited fun room to be in. The teacher decorated the whole room as if the kids were inside a jungle. The wall decorations are very fun to look at. … The room was well organized with little shelves and cubbies where she organizes everything where it is at the eye level of the child and it is also reachable for the child/ accessable for the children. It was a cozy room with soft carpets and furnatures. The room has full of exploring things to do once the child steps in.
What is your classroom doing well? The room was orgainzed with centers such listening, writing, math, art, home center, block center and more. these center are well oerganize in small boxes with label or the materials are visable for child to take out. each og the the center had enough space for the them to play and explore. The space were arranged so neatly that the most of the activities would not be disturbed. The furnitures in the room were all child sized such as the sofa, chairs, tables.
As for the sanitary, the sink was build at the children eye level as well as the restrooms where they can sit on by themselves. There are cubbies organized for kid 's individual stuff, toys, and blocks
All materials were overall accessible for the children..
It has the alphabets and numbers on the wall where the kids can look at and later recognize them in the future. Their beautiful fun artwork were also posted on the wall. By having all their artwork being hanged on the wall, makes the…

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