Summary: Nine Steps To The Scientific Method

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A theory is an organized, systematic explanation for why things happen or, in the case of the social sciences, why people do the things they do. Scientific research is the process of gathering data and acquiring knowledge using the scientific method, and the goal of research is to build scientific knowledge. Analyzing the results of scientific research will help prove, disprove, and/or suggest new scientific theories that which help explain social phenomena. According to Hunt and Collander (2011), there are nine steps to the scientific method. Observation is the first step for social scientists, followed by defining the problem, reviewing the literature, observing again, developing a hypothesis, and choosing a research design. Finally, you must collect data, analyze results, and draw conclusions. Actually conducting the research for social science research actually involves three steps; exploration, research design, and research execution. These three …show more content…
This may include qualitative or quantitative options, as well as experimental designs, or even a multi-method approach. This step is important because it establishes the core of your research. The final step of research design is sampling. Sampling involves determining the target population or establishing a focus group and deciding on a sampling strategy (i.e., individuals, companies, groups within specific companies, etc.) It is at this point that a research proposal is often prepared. The proposal will outline all of the decisions made in the first two phases of the research process (exploration and research design). The proposal can also be used to solicit feedback on the actions taken and the plan moving forward; this is invaluable because it can help identify weak, or problem areas prior to data collection (when it will then be too late to correct a major

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