Essay on The Film Ivory Tower Directed By Andrew Rossi

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The film Ivory Tower states as of 3/14/14, the national student loan debt is one trillion and still rising. The film speaks on the situation of college students have like the debt they obtain over four years, college distractions and even not graduating. Also what are the specific things that students are learning and why is it so valuable? Rossi is sending a message to the parents and college students that they should pay more attention to which college they give their money too and how colleges are using those funds. There are other options that educate students without a large debt amount or distractions of campus life. In the film Ivory Tower directed by Andrew Rossi, he is successful at exposing colleges and explaining alternative forms of college education, for example MOOC (an online program), Peter Thiel’s “Uncollege” program and Deep Springs College which require student to work”. These colleges offer different dorms of tuitions or none at all.
In the film Ivory Tower by Andrew Rossi, it points out a great amount of questions and numerous facts about the greatly flawed American education system. He used examples of other forms of colleges that have been working well as an alternative to campus colleges. Is college necessary? For the longest college has been sold as the key to a successful future. As time went on, more and more, it became so expensive that barely anyone can afford it causing thousand dollars of debt in student loans. It became so expensive because…

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