The Field Of Nursing Is A Constant Growing Occupation Essay

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The field of nursing is a constant growing occupation and has a higher outlook than most other jobs. While going into the field of nursing, a person should consider exactly what type of nurse they would like to become. There are LPN nurses, which are Licensed Practical Nurses, who provide basic care to patients and work under the Registered Nurses (RN’s). A Registered Nurse is someone who has graduated from a nursing program and has passed a national licensing exam. Registered Nurses provide patient care plans, educate patients as well as the public about health conditions, and provide emotional support for patients and their families. Which is why being a compassionate person is one skill a person should acquire when considering any field in nursing. One must be able to endure long hours on their feet and be comfortable in hospital or doctor office types of settings. The higher up on the nursing ladder one is the more daily jobs they are allowed to do and the more they are allowed to do individual work. This is all determined upon the education one has taken while in college and what degree one gets. Being a Registered Nurse requires one to have many skills in all aspects, a well-developed education of what it takes to become a nurse, being able to deal with long hours, but receive a good pay, patience while dealing with a patient, and overall being a well-rounded person.
Explanation of Career
As stated in the previous paragraph, a Registered Nurse is someone who has…

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