Nursing Characteristics

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I believe that I possess characteristics that will evolve in the nursing profession. I have a caring nature and empathy for patients and their families. Whenever my friends or anyone in general look upset, I genuinely care and ask them about their well-being. Also, when talking I always have consideration of others’ feelings. Feeling sympathy for patients and their families leads to genuine empathy, the trademark of nursing. It is difficult to watch a patient undergo pain. Nonetheless, to being able to provide the care, fondness, and benevolence when needed without turning out to be harsh and pessimistic is not easy. If someone cannot care about the people that he or she are helping, they will fall behind as a nurse. Nurses deal with the sick and injured and their families every day, and they should be able to show them that they are concerned about their well-being.
Another positive quality I possess is a flexibility. When I had to do training as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), I had no trouble spending the majority of my hours there. Nurses are expected to be
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There has been past situations in my life where I wanted to give up and I did. In order to be a good nurse, I need to have hope in my life in order to demonstrate that trait while working. When giving care to other people, their hope is fortified by reassurance and compassionate behaviors of a nurse which inspires them to feel that their life is valuable. A nurse has to encourage and uphold hope in clients in order to get good patient outcome. Hope helps an individual to enrich and uncover the significance of future life and also aid a person to look forward with self-assurance. Furthermore, an inclusive assessment of different viewpoints and varied features of hope helps a nurse to motivate their patients to improve the condition of life as well as provide improved quality of care in care

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