The Field Of Human Services Essay

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In the field of Human Services it is important to become comfortable when you are working with clients that are culturally different than yourself. The agency I am working at IDEA there clientele base provides a wide range of diversity. Although I am mainly at the Brighton location, once a month I do hours in the Denver office. The majority of client’s I deal with at the agency are Mexican American; African American and European (White), Asian and a few clients that represent the LGBT community. My experience so far has been positive; the majority of clients are polite and receptive about receiving treatment. The clients I am working with are court ordered so occasionally we do have the disgruntled and not so receptive ones. Although I do not speak Spanish fluently I do know some basic words which are helpful at times. Another thing that is helpful is the agency has staff members that are bilingual.
Most of the face to face contact that I have with the clients is when I am co-facilitating groups. The groups that I am in are English but the client’s race varies but they all speak English. There are a couple Spanish speaking groups on Fridays in which I do not currently sit in on but the therapist has welcomed me to attend them. One of the things that I have noticed with some of the younger Mexican American clients that attend the groups I co-facilitate are rather quite. I think it more of an age issue that a culture issue because I notice this mostly in the clients that are…

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