The Failure Of Animal Abuse In The Humane Society

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Animal Abuse and Neglect
Animal abuse can be deliberate abuse or the failure to take care of an animal. Animal abuse happens all over the United States and there are many organizations and laws to help stop animal abuse from happening. Deliberate abuse can involve beating, shooting, stabbing animals or setting them on fire. Neglecting an animal is not giving them necessary food, water, shelter or vet care. Animals who often die of neglect can suffer just as much as animal that are deliberately harmed. Whether it’s a pet, farm animal or wildlife they all suffer dramatically. Animals need to be protected and cared for not abused. (The Humane Society).
There are many different ways of abusing an animal. Some commonly known ones are physical,
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The first step is to evaluate the situation. Look to see if the animal is being neglect by looking at the food and water bowls are kept inside and away from insects. Also evaluate the situation at different times of the day because everybody schedule is different. Some signs of animal neglect would be no shelter; the collar is too tight, lack of grooming, starvation and management. The second step would to report the abuse. If you see an animal being abuse or neglected, report it to your local animal control, law enforcement or humane organization. These authorities will decide whether the animal is being abuse or not and investigate the situation if needed. Third step of how to help understands the law. Animal abuse laws change from state to state and sometimes city-to-city or county-to-county. The definition of legal animal abuse may differ. The final step is to help prevent animal abuse. The way to prevent neglect is to educate the owners on what is certain neglecting or abusing an animal. Many owners aren’t aware of how important affection is to an animal. Also making animal abuse laws stronger by making harsher penalties. Some more serious penalties can inhibit abuse; with the addition of counseling can stop animal abusers. (The Humane

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